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Kristina Bloom is a psychic, medium, and channel for The Divine. For more than a decade she has been facilitating individual and gallery Psychic readings across the country, speaking in front of both small and large groups. The insight and wisdom of Spirit easily moves through her allowing for clear information for you, the receivers of the messages, to come through. With her light hearted nature Kristina continues to get confirmation from Spirit until the messages become clear to you.

Is It Really Intuition?

Not everything we feel is intuition.

There I said it. Not everyone is going to like it, but it’s true. Sometimes feelings are just feelings. And feelings are heavily influenced by thoughts. Go ahead, try it. Think about someone or something you love, that makes you joyful. See? No matter how you felt before, you probably feel even better now.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for trusting yourself, I teach it everyday. Watching the Lights go on for others is what Lights me up! In my Intuitive You! classes over the last decade I’ve seen hundreds of people “getting it” when they recognize that their intuition is working and that they can trust it.

The excitement is palpable, everyone there can see it and/or feel it. When someone experiences the difference between feeling something and getting something intuitively they get excited! “Oh, that’s what it feels like!” is often the response from them. Once a person really “gets” the difference they tend to change the way they think about Intuition.

It’s less of a “feeling”, and more of a “knowing”. Let’s look at an example of what I mean.

In this scenario a woman has been dreaming for years of traveling both nationwide and worldwide. Finally the perfect opportunity presents itself and she is super excited! She tells her friends and family of her plans, believing that they too will be excited for her, and some are. Others, however are not. They warn her of the dangers of traveling alone, because they are concerned for her safety. So she starts to question herself. How could something she’s wanted for so long be so scary? She let’s the fear in and starts thinking about all the things that go wrong…and then she starts to believe that the fear is intuitive and warning her of some impending danger.

Being a spiritual person, she starts to ask for signs to show her whether or not she should go. But because she is focused on what could go wrong, she only sees signs that indicate possible danger. After seeing several signs confirming her fear (the fear created by herself and others) she chooses to pass up the opportunity to travel, deciding that traveling isn’t for her after all.

She’ll tell people (including herself) that her intuition guided her decision because she doesn’t understand that, through fear, she only saw the signs that pointed to possible danger. She somehow missed the signs speaking to adventure, opportunities and fun although they were  just as readily available.

There are, of course, intuitive signs regarding travel as well as pretty much everything else in our lives. The point is, learn to tell the difference between feelings and intuition. It can be tricky since intuition often speaks through feelings, and sometimes through thoughts that just pop into the head. I heard a long time ago in a 12 step meeting “don’t believe everything you think”, the same goes for feelings.

If a feeling about something shows up, sit with it, meditate on it (as opposed to fixating or obsessing on it). Find out what it’s trying to tell you. Don’t act on it immediately unless it’s absolutely necessary to do so. Also, use reason in deciding whether or not to act immediately. If you get the sudden urge to check on someone, by all means pick up the phone or go check on them. Intuition often comes with a sense of urgency in cases like this.

Intuition often also strikes out of the blue, with no warning and also tends to have a sense of urgency or a call to action. It works in more subtle ways as well, like when you know the phone is going to ring before it does. Or you’re singing a song and it comes on the radio. Intuition works a little differently for everyone, so pay attention to how it works for you. If you need some help with recognizing how your intuition works for you, please email me at