Kristina Bloom

Kristina Bloom is a psychic, medium, and channel for The Divine. For more than two decades, she has been facilitating individual and gallery Psychic readings across the country, speaking in front of both small and large groups. The insight and wisdom of Spirit easily moves through her allowing for clear information for you, the receivers of the messages, to come through. With her light hearted nature Kristina continues to get confirmation from Spirit until the messages become clear to you. 

She is the creator and facilitator of the Intuitive You! program for psychic development . As a psychic reader Kristina uses her natural intuitive gifts to guide you in choosing your own best options by helping you to connect to your Spirit Guides and view every situation from a higher place.

In teaching Intuitive You! Kristina understands that everyone’s gifts are individual to that person and need to be nurtured as such. With the belief that everyone has intuitive abilities she tailored the class in a way that supports each student’s natural ability and provides each student the freedom, along with guidance, to develop their gifts as they choose.

Thank you for making Kristina’s work, and this website, a part of your journey. May you be blessed with Love and Light, Peace and Joy, Health and Prosperity.

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