"I had a reading a few years ago at the beginning of my awakening journey. She told me some things that didn't make sense to me at the time. But as time went on, it was this reminder in my head that I couldn't forget. The issues she mentioned became part of my life, even though I couldn't see that at the time. The advice she gave for this time from my spirit guides was a guiding light, and If it weren't for that reading, I may have made very different choices. Many aspects of my life were affected by this reading. I'm so grateful, and I 100% trust her connection. She talked to me in exactly the way I needed. I know moving forward, if I need a dose of truth in my life, I'm going to seek her assistance. Getting a reading from her at the time I did has shaped how I do my own readings, and I believe I'm a better person from that experience. Highly recommend! One of the best I've found."

Jessica W

"I reunited with Kristina 5 years ago! (We went to High School together.) She has given me several readings that have been tremendously helpful! My favorite is when she saw the love of my life one year before I met him! We’ve been dating for just over 4 years now.

I have also had the pleasure of attending several of her gallery readings along with channeling. Each time I’m in awe of her abilities to connect with loved ones who have passed and her ability to channel incredible spiritual teachers who are ready to teach us what we need to know to evolve into a peaceful, loving planet!  I highly recommend Kristina as an authentic spiritual teacher!!!"

Sherry H

"I attended Kristina Bloom's Deeper Awakening Women's Retreat in November 2021, and I absolutely loved it. The cabins we stayed at were comfortable and clean. Kristina cooked delicious meals for us to enjoy. The thing I was most impressed with about the retreat is that Kristina held a safe space for us as we delved into some very deep inner work. One powerful exercise we did was venturing into our past lives with the support of a group. Overall, I feel like we all grew as people and as a group. If you are unsure about attending an event with Kristina, I would highly recommend it. The experience was valuable, healing, and fun."

Michelle N

"Throughout my life I've had a few psychic readings. Unfortunately none of the Psychics were able to connect with my energy much less my guides (who are very particular in whom they speak with). So...the other day I was searching throughThe Spirit Woke podcast episodes and came across this one "Kristina Bloom: Connecting With The Other Side". During this episode I felt a strong connection to Kristina, I know that sounds weird. Maybe it was her soothing voice, her gentle laughter - I don't know but one thing I did know for sure was that I needed to schedule a reading asap. Kristina was amazing!! my Guides loved her and gave her lots of messages for me in addition to answering my questions. She checked my Akashic records for an issue I have with my best friend. Low and behold, we lived many lifetimes together and had a serious falling out which carried into this lifetime.  She gave me the tools to 'correct' this issue so that we can move forward peacefully. I've gotta say - that was Huge!! If you're searching for a down to earth, honest Psychic reading then you've come to the right place."

Debra R

"I just had the most wonderful reading from Kristina.  She's a gifted intuitive healer and spiritual advisor.  She was spot on in her observations and took the extra time to really feel where i was coming from. She's honest, grounded, and down to earth. I look forward to future readings.  I always feel very uplifted after time spent with her. She's truly gifted!" 

Laurie B

"The last few days since we had our session has been night and day difference. I feel like I'm in control of my emotions and anxieties and I'm feeling more confident at work. Anytime I feel a panic attack start I'm able to refocus myself, so thank you times a million!"

Matt M

"Coming to you was the best move I ever made despite warnings from fellow Christians not to consult a medium. I now better understand psychic phenomena as a blessing and feel more comfortable with my own such gifts. You've empowered me by acting as an excellent liaison between the spirits here and myself when I can't quite understand the spirit messages coming through." 

Annette S.C.

"Sometimes you “meet” someone who changes your life, and this is definitely one of those special cases. In less than a month, I’ve had two hour-long sessions with Kristina. Through our time together, I’ve learned so much helpful and necessary information about myself, my path, my guides, and my soul family that my whole life has improved. Yes, really! Her mind-blowingly accurate readings have been clear and concise, giving me usable information that I can work with to create positive changes in my own life. Truthfully, I feel better after two sessions with Kristina than after years of intense inner work with a great therapist. My entire perspective has changed and shifted for the better, and I can feel this in every area of my life. I’m able to concentrate again- in fact, I’m focused, positive, peaceful and happy. I highly recommend her!! "


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