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Breakfast with Bobbi

Join longtime friends Bobbi Klebenow and Kristina Bloom in their candid and diverse conversations, covering topics from gardening and cooking to navigating trauma, relationships, and personal energy management. These two wise and occasionally wisecracking women invite you to share in their laughter, tears, and heartfelt discussions as they draw from a lifetime of experiences.

Books by Author Kristina Bloom

Delve into Kristina Bloom's guiding wisdom with her featured books on psychic development and spiritual growth.

Intuitive You!: Psychic and Personal Development

We all have the ability to tune into our sixth sense, the realm of intuition. Whether your intuition presents as a gut feeling or full psychic ability, or somewhere in between, this book will help you to fully embrace your intuition. The balance of information and activities that you can use to understand and embrace how your intuition works for you will challenge you to grow personally and as an intuitive interpreter. Use this book as a guide on your own or as a text book in a class or workshop conducted by a certified Intuitive You! Instructor.

Intuitive You has helped me understand the differences in my abilities.

It helps to build confidence in your development. I was able to recognize those similarities and make note of them in the book.

We don't always have a person that can help us navigate through these understandings. However, this book helps with these understandings. 

Thank you Kristina Bloom


Wisdom for the Age of Ascension: Channeled Messages from Divine Intelligence

“Wisdom For The Age of Ascension” is an updated and expanded second release of Kristina’s first book, “The Contemplative Truth: Channeled Messages of the Divine Collective Bartholomew”. More information channeled from additional Universal Intelligence sources has been added, as Kristina has expanded her reach to more Light Beings, also wishing to share their messages. As the reader contemplates the messages on each page, deeper Spiritual messages reveal how each of us can reach higher levels of consciousness in our everyday lives.

I love your book. I have many daily reading type books that I have accumulated over the years and take out every so often. Yours is different, it really affects me and the kind of day I have. Reading the passages helps me to live a little more joyfully and gracefully, and with more gratitude.  Your words ring true for me.


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Intuitive You! is offered both as an online course and as a two-day workshop. 

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