Become Your Own Superhero!

Become Your Own Superhero!

During this fun and enlightening two day workshop, explore all of your strengths (especially those that you may have thought of as your weaknesses) and learn how to utilize those strengths to enhance your daily life.

Identify YOUR “Super Powers”!

Overcome Fears With A Single Intention!

Radiate Kindness Like A Laser!

Solve Problems In A Creative Flash!

Stand In YOUR Own Power!

Emanate Confidence!

Gain More Control Of Where YOUR Energy Goes!

Find Where You Are Leaking Energy…And Plug The Holes!


Or call 1 877 2 CROWNE

Register here to Customize Your SuperHero Experience

Be sure to register early, after July 15th the price goes up!

Early Registration Price $399

After July 15th $456

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