Custom Coaching


Welcome to our newest offering by Kristina Bloom Spiritual Advisor!

With this new Custom Coaching Online Program, you design the program that’s right for you! You choose the frequency of your coaching sessions, from once per week to once per month. You choose the topic or topics that you would like to be coached on, and you can mix and match your topics! Day and evening timeslots available as well.

All coaching sessions with this program are private and exclusively conducted by Kristina Bloom using Zoom, or a similar video conferencing application, and can be recorded for you to review as you like.

Advantages of Having a Coach

When you have a coach, you become accountable to someone other than yourself. Many people find it easier to stay on track with goals or growth in all areas when they have someone to whom they are accountable.

A coach can provide clarity when you’re making decision, whether the decisions are about career, business, relationships, relocating or other areas of life. Sometimes when we need to make decisions, especially life changing decisions, it can be helpful to have someone outside of ourselves who can see our options, and possible consequences, more clearly than we can. This is even more profound when that outside person (coach) is highly intuitive.

Your coach is in your corner, someone you can trust. A good coach will encourage you to pursue your dreams and goals and call you out when you start going off track. Your coach cares about you and what you want to accomplish and will help you see where you can improve to turn your dreams into reality!

Your Options

Spiritual Coaching – When you desire to feel more spiritually connected or to develop your spiritual gifts, Spiritual Coaching is a great option for you. With a one on one coach you can focus in on those aspects of spirituality that call to you. Do you want to feel like you’re getting more from your mediations? We can focus on that! Are you interested in learning to communicate with loved ones who have passed away? No problem, we will focus on mediumship! Do you want to have more peace in your life? More joy? You’ve got it!

Spiritual Business Coaching – Whether you have a spiritually based business, or you simply want to bring more spiritual elements into your business, Spiritual Business Coaching can help. Do you want to increase your bottom line? How about creating a more peaceful and productive work environment, whether you work alone, with a partner or have employees. Would like to find your preferred clients? By helping you to implement the Twelve Spiritual Laws of the Universe we can work together to help you reach your business goals.

Life Coaching – Sometimes we all reach places in our lives where we could use some guidance. It’s at times like these that having a coach can help make decisions, direction or perspectives make more sense. You decide which areas of your life you want to shift, and we’ll get it done together. Whether you feel you need more confidence, help with relationships or just want to have more joy in your life I can assist you in getting what you want. With tools like self-hypnosis, intuition and a working knowledge of Universal Law, you can take your life in any direction you want to take it!


As mentioned above, you choose how often you have your coaching sessions, from one to four times per month. You decide the content of your sessions, and you can change the content when you feel it will be helpful. For instance, if you started with life coaching and realized that you would be happier if you meditated more often then we could use a session to focus on meditation, which falls into the Spiritual Coaching category. With such an open concept, the topics you could easily flow through all the categories in a single session, and that’s just fine.


Once you’ve filled out the registration form you will be emailed an invoice. The amount of the invoice will be based on the number of sessions you’ve chosen for the month. The invoice must be paid prior to your first session. Discounts have been applied for multiple sessions. An average session will last sixty to ninety minutes.

One monthly session $200

Twice monthly sessions $370

Weekly sessions (four p/month) $700

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