Explore Specific Past Lives

***DUE TO DANGEROUSLY COLD TEMPERATURES, THIS CLASS WILL BE HELD ONLINE!! After you register for the class, message me for the sign in formation. Thanks!

Do you have an affinity to a particular place or time? Have you ever wondered why you have that connection or if you’ve ever had a life there? This week we will be exploring those connections to give you answers.

Have you been working with Spiritual Energy for a while now and know that there is more that you can do with it, but are tired of beginning classes? Here is your solution!

Whether you’re a student or teacher, or both, of Energy this class is right up your alley! Kristina is offering a safe space to learn and practice energy management and manipulation techniques to help you enhance your daily life and, if you are a teacher, your business! Connect more deeply with other people, with your Spirit Guides and your Higher Self to experience and achieve more than you every imagined!

If you are Spiritual or Metaphysical teacher you will learn ways to help your students have more profound experiences when working with you!

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