For The Love Of Money

Money seems to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind these days. For many, lack of money for essentials or retirement (or whatever else is important to you) is a huge stressor. And, financial stress invades other areas of life as well. Many break ups and divorces are caused by financial stress and differing ways in which each person in the relationship manages, or doesn’t manage, money.

Because money is our trade medium, and therefore the most prominent tool for survival in the modern world, it’s incredibly important to understand our relationship with it. Our relationship with money quite literally equals survival on many levels. Doesn’t it just really irritate you when you hear someone say that money isn’t important? You know exactly how important it is when you’re struggling to pay the rent or to make sure you kids have clothes and shoes that fit, right?

So why is it that some people struggle financially while others prosper? It comes down core beliefs and we each feel about money. There are literally thousands of programs out there to learn how to make more money…and none of them will work if you believe that money is a “necessary evil”. Did you know that? That’s the part we can help you with!

Let Laura Nicolaisen and I help you get to those core beliefs and change them so that you can open your door to more prosperity and positive cash flow! Invest three hours of your time with us to understand how to free yourself from old, limiting core beliefs that have caused so much stress in your life.

We offer small workshops, with a maximum of eight people, to make sure that YOU get all of the individual attention that you need to get on target to accomplishing YOUR goals!

Time Investment: 3 Hours
Financial Investment: $45 ($20 down holds your spot!)

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