Future Life Exploration Class, Feb 21st

If we can gain insights into our current life based on how we lived in past lives, then it stands to reason that we can gain insight into future lives based on how we are living this life.

Glimpsing into lives we have yet to live affords us the opportunity to see what our current behavior will manifest, giving us the choice to change our behavior and beliefs in order to create more peace, love or prosperity in our next life. It also allows us to recognize Karmic patterns in relationships. With this insight we can decide to change or repair these relationships based on whether or not we want to repeat them again in another life.

Do you want to see the “bigger picture” of your soul’s journey? Then come and explore with us!

$25 Class Fee

Class size is limited to 6, so be sure to call 414.803.2759 to reserve your spot.

Held at Universal Awareness Center N91 W17194 Appleton Ave. Ste. 106B, Menomonee Falls, WI


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