Intuitive You! Wausau!

Saturday, January 19th 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM u0026amp; Sunday, January 20th 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Wausau Wellness

512 South 17th Avenue
Wausau, WI

Intuitive You! Workshop!

We all have a natural intuitive ability which helps us to navigate through our lives, like a spiritual GPS. Understanding your intuition and how it works is a valuable tool in living your life to the fullest, with greater serenity and peace of mind.

What is Intuitive You?
Intuitive You! is a proven system of psychic awareness and development which helps you identify how your intuition works, giving you the opportunity to decide what to do with your own gifts!

Intuitive You!
Developing and Using Your Psychic Ability Learn how to:
– Open channels of communication with the spirit world. – Remove blockages to spiritual growth.
– Recognize what “energy” is u0026amp; use tools that can help you read it. – Manage your own energy for clarity, focus and setting a space conducive to performing readings.
– Recognize what intuition “feels” like so that you know when you are receiving messages.
– Manage energy around you by managing energy within you.
– Practice…Practice…Practice!

Your Instructor
Intuitive You! was created by Rev. Kristina Bloom, an intuitive reader and Spiritually guided healer since early childhood, is sharing with you her collective years of experience with the spirit world. She developed this program in 2007 and has been teaching it across the United States ever since. 
Intuitive You! is an empowering and enlightening class that you won’t want to miss! This  workshop series will help you to recognize, understand and develop your own innate intuitive abilities. With plenty of practice time you will also have opportunity to apply your abilities by working with fellow classmates.

$200 Per Person

Pre-Registration Required

Cash and Credit/Debit Cards accepted!

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