Let’s Have a Little Fun With Talking Boards!

The Psychic has many tools in her/his tool box, and a Talking Board can be one of them. Often called a Ouija Board (the commercial name for the “toy” version) it can be a safe and effective tool for communicating with those beyond the veil.

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The first step in any paranormal communication is to set a space of Love and Light, that’s where we will start! Then we will learn how to use the Talking Board to communicate with those who have crossed over, asking them questions (mostly historical questions about the Menomonee Falls area).

Class will be held at Universal Awareness Center N91W17194 Appleton Ave. Suite 106B, Menomonee Falls, WI 53051

$25 per person

Remember that this is for fun and will be conducted in a safe and sane manner for all to enjoy!

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