Past Life Exploration

Past Life Exploration, more commonly referred to as Past Life Regression, is often used to help you answer questions related to your current life circumstances or preferences. I prefer the word Exploration because that’s what we’re really doing, exploring what has happened (or may be currently happening in another reality). Exploring other versions of ourselves can help us to understand more fully who we are, why we do the things we do and the complexities of the relationships that we have with other people. Having access to clear answers to some of our most perplexing questions enables us to make decisions with more understanding and clarity than would otherwise be possible.


Strong, instant connections between people often have roots in other lives. By exploring our other lives we can become aware of the Soul Contracts that we have made, and why we made them. We also have the opportunity to understand our Karmic Debt with some of the people who are currently in our lives and reach a more peaceful resolution with those whom we may have conflicts. We can find out why we are very drawn to some people and very repelled by others.

Some of the questions people I have worked with have had are “How many lives have I had?”, “How many lives have I shared with my current partner?”, “Why do I have such a strong fear of ________?”, “Who was I  in a past life? Was I someone Famous?”. These and many other questions have been answered for countless people, simply by opening their hearts and minds to the possibility that this one life isn’t all they have.

Are you curious about your Past Lives? I can help you in your search for answers! Contact me at to set up your appointment. Appointments are available in person, local to the Milwaukee, WI area or by Skype or Face Time.

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