Purposeful Life Design!

Universal Awareness Fellowship N91W17194 Appleton Ave. #106B Menomonee Falls, WI 53051

Saturday,  August 26th 2017

10 AM – 1 PM

Expert Life Coach, Laura Nicolaisen is teaming up with Intuitive Expert and Spiritual Advisor Kristina Bloom to bring you Purposeful Life Design!

This newly created workshop focuses on sharing tools with you which will allow you to fulfill your visions for YOUR life, no matter what those visions are!

We will share ideas with you that will assist you in getting focused and grounded so your thoughts and intentions remain clear, allowing you to shift your dreams into workable designs for your life!

With a combination of their skills, Laura and Kristina help you not only to discover your what your purpose in life is, they also help you to recognize the steps necessary to achieve living your purpose with peace and… joy.

What will you learn?
* Connect with your Higher Universal Self for more clarity of purpose!
* Personally manage your own energy taking that power away from the world and people around you and putting that power back where it belongs…with you!
* Direct your daydreams to your Life Design!
* Plan action steps to create your personal Purposeful Life Design!

Invest three hours of your precious time and get so much closer to living your purpose!

$45 Investment

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