Special Halloween Spiritual Seance

By special request of Mr. Vincent Price, yes that Vincent Price, we will be holding a (Near) Halloween Spiritual Séance On Friday, October 28, 2016 @ 7 PM! He came through at the August Spiritual Séance and requested that we have a Spiritual Séance in October, so we are!

Mr. Vincent Price

This time the séance is hosted by Steven’s Rocks and Gifts in Downtown Marshall, WI. In addition to the loved ones of those in attendance who have crossed over, we invite communication with some of the many Spirits that still roam the historic downtown area.

Celebrities who have crossed often come through at séances as well,  there any famous Spirits from whom you would like to hear?

We invite you to come and meet some of the people who built the area now known as Marshall!

$30 p/person

Please follow this link to reserve your space, limited seating available. https://www.meetup.com/onespiritconnection/events/234648616/

Steven’s Rocks u0026amp; Gifts 134 Main St. Marshall, WI


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